Things I Never Thought I’d Like: Medical Play

I used to think that medical play was all speculums, catheters and enemas, none of which really appealed to me. When I think of speculums, the painful vaginal examination I had while I was experiencing thrush comes to mind.¬†Enemas seem like nothing more than an annoying prelude to anal play (something I’ve never bothered with). Catheters hold no erotic potential for me.

It really wasn’t until I bought the lab coat that was required for my university course that I started considering play featuring medical themes. The idea of Bride wearing it was kind of sexy to me, though I’d hadn’t really a clue what he should do once he had it on. Eventually I made the connection between my love of fear play and this new found medical play curiosity and really started to see some potential.

I already owned a Jennings gag but I bought it due to the possibility of using it during oral sex rather than because of some attraction to medical paraphernalia. It didn’t really work well for that use, so it mostly remained unused. I somehow developed an interest in dental instruments and it was when I acquired some that I found I enjoyed the more traditional use for the gag. Having my mouth forced open by the gag while Bride shoves scary things into my mouth and threatens to rip my teeth out? Not everyone’s idea of fun, but certainly sexy to me.

Fear of going to the dentist seems to be an insanely common thing, so why not exploit that during play? Perhaps the dentist from Little Shop of Horrors was my inspiration, haha.

So yes, my interest in medical play is based heavily on my enjoyment of fear play. I’ve grown to love the aesthetics of scalpels and old glass syringes. The rituals of sterilization appeal to me for some reason, as does the contrast of a clean, barren medical environment and activities of a sexual nature. I’d love to own an exam table or a dental chair if I had the money and room!

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  • Camryn Jones

    It’s cool that you found a use for that gag after all. Isn’t it great to find a new purpose for an old thing? <3
    Furthermore, thank you! I love the way you make me think about things. I have a speculum that I'd like to use with my partner as part of our sex play but I've been wary as to how to approach it.(I'd feel too odd about playing doctor; I mostly want him to see how he affects me.) Fear play has come up a time or two in our conversations about kinks and we're both willing to try it. With the right framing, I think I might get some speculum action after all! Win!

    • Deviant


      Yay, I love inspiring people to try new things. Have fun with it!

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