Review: Jimmyjane Form 4

Jimmyjane Form 4 (pink)I was rather excited about the Form 4. Despite it’s flaws, the Form 2 is the clitoral vibrator that feels most physically pleasing to me, so it was my hope that I would turn to the Form 4 when I felt like broad stimulation or when I didn’t feel like dealing when the Form 2 going haywire (it made the transition from “good haywire” to “bad haywire” over the past few months, but I put up with it because DAT SHAPE).

The shape is, well, awkward. It’s not quite a wand vibrator yet isn’t something that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand like the Lelo Siri. I don’t mind longer vibes when they have a flexible neck, but I find myself awkwardly shoving the Form 4 against me in hope that it will suddenly become more flexible (it doesn’t really have any give). It’s just a weird, in-between size between the Form 2 and Form 6 (which seems far more practical for internal use).

The Form 2 is strong, so I thought the Form 4 would be too. The motors of the former are right at the tips of the ears, but it doesn’t feel like this is the case with the Form 4. At first I thought it just felt that way because the Form 2 shape is more stimulating to me, but no, the motor is definitely buried under quite a bit of silicone. It has gotten me off before but it’s weaker than I prefer. The vibrations are buzzy, which I actually don’t mind (or even rather like!) when they’re really strong, but since they’re not I would prefer something more rubbly. The Mystic Wand feels stronger to me.

Charging information, vibration settings and patterns and features are all the same as the Form 2, so read that review if you’d like to know about all of that. You can use the same charger with all Jimmyjane “Form” vibrators (except the new third generation Form 6).

I think I’m becoming fussier about my vibrators as times goes on, but the Form 4 was quite a let down. The shape isn’t too much of a deal breaker on its own but combined with the disappointing vibration strength, this isn’t a toy I find myself reaching for often. It might be decent if you’re less of a power queen than me but even so, it is expensive for what it is.

Thanks to Australian retailer Black Label Sex Toys for sending me this toy to review!

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  • Violet

    I find jimmy Jane as a whole disappointing. I’m yet to find one of their expensive toys that does the job it’s supposed to darn well do. It’s one of the few brands I don’t want to even try anymore because I’ve been let down by them too many times

    • Deviant

      Can’t say I blame you! I feel odd about liking the Form 2 because it annoys me a lot of the time and I don’t feel that I can recommend it due to how unpredictable it is. I wish someone would make a toy with the two pronged shape that doesn’t have the glitch.

  • Camryn Jones

    I’ve read so many reviews like this about Jimmy Jane products I’m slightly aggravated that they’re seen as a luxury company.
    They’re going to have to step things up quite a bit before I ever shell out for one.

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