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Wahl Massager pictured with its four attachmentsI was wary about purchasing the Wahl massager. Negative reviews aren’t exactly common (I’ve never read one) but I’m not a big fan of pinpoint stimulation. This became apparent when I started feeling I may have been a bit harsh in my Salsa review. Sure, the charging system is infuriating but otherwise the Salsa is a good toy. I just seem to prefer toys with dual or broad heads.

Like the Hitachi Magic Wand (now called the “Magic Wand Original“), it’s a mains powered device designed for the relief of muscle pain rather than the provision of orgasms, but naturally a lot of people prefer using it for the latter. As you can see in the picture, the cord is rather long, much more than that of the Magic Wand (2.7m/9ft vs 1.8m/6ft) which I like because my power strip is a fair distance from my bed.

When I first tried the Wahl, I could not figure out how to hold the damn thing in a way that was pleasurable. It felt heavy, awkward and just plain boring. Most people seem to prefer the knob shaped attachment, so I tried that first. Maybe I was so convinced that I preferred broad stimulation that I couldn’t relax and enjoy it, I don’t know. I tried each of the other attachments in desperation. They all felt the same.

I tend to move other pinpoint vibrators around a lot when I’m using them, but doing the same with the Wahl just doesn’t seem to work. I figured out that it felt best to use it the same way I use vibrators with broader heads: hold it firmly in one spot and only move it when I start to feel numb or too stimulated. I came pretty quickly after this and squirted. The only other time I’ve experienced this from a vibrator was the first time I used the Medisil Magic Touch, so it was a nice surprise. I manage to squirt about half of the time that I use it, so I’ve definitely learned to put towels down beforehand.

The Wahl loses considerable power when pressure is applied but since this is the case with so many vibrators, I’ve now learned to live with it. The vibrations are otherwise seriously intense. The first setting is enough to get me off most of the time, but the second setting really is something special. It’s a really deep, pulsating thumping sensation that usually gets me over the edge pretty quickly if I’ve become numb from the first setting.

Once I discovered how to best use the Wahl, I haven’t found the other attachments nearly as enjoyable as the knob shaped one. They’re too big and awkward.

Powerful vibrators are rarely whisper quiet but the Wahl manages to not be overly loud. It’s very quiet if an attachment isn’t pushed into place. The attachments increased the noise level quite a bit (some more than others) but using it under a quilt/doona seems to muffle even this almost completely.

The Wahl runs on 120v power, so you’ll need a voltage converter/transformer to use it in Australia. I got one with my violet wand but it stays at Bride’s place so now I’ll have to get another. Boo.

Other than the weight and size, the only other real negative is the fact that the attachments are made of PVC. This is something that really put me off, but hey, powerful vibrators can be hard to come by. It unfortunately means that they are porous and that they can never be thoroughly cleaned, so avoid sharing with anyone you don’t share bodily fluids with.

I definitely enjoyed the Wahl a lot more than I thought I would. Even with shipping from the US, the Wahl only cost me AU$32 (though keep in mind the potential costs of a transformer) which is amazing considering how much power it has.

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  • Camryn Jones

    I love my Wahl so much I want a second one! I’m not sure why it makes me ejaculate though, I’m still surprised at that.
    I took Dizzygirl’s suggestion of using latex glove tips to cover the attachments and that made me feel better about their porousness. Might be worth a shot if you’re worried :)

    • Deviant

      I know what you mean, it would definitely be nice to be able to leave one at Bride’s place!
      That’s an idea. I have some latex finger cots that might fit too, didn’t think of that! I’ve been trying to create a barrier between it and my genitals with the quilt and it’s getting annoying, haha.

  • Deviant

    It really is awesome.

    I wasn’t sure about phthalate content either but the glove idea sounds like a good solution for the porosity at least, so thanks for mentioning it!

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