My Doctor

Based (very closely) on a scene I did with Bride recently. It seems I have discovered a liking for age play. Enjoy!

Cute pink, t-bar shoes and white frilly socks for age play

I am but a child
With frills on my socks
Rainbows and unicorns on my shirt
And you are my doctor

So concerned you are
About my teeth and heartbeat
Patient and kind
Until I’m the least bit unwilling

The rope against my skin
Your hand against my thigh
A case full of tools
Your pristine coat

A needle for the pain
A scalpel for your research
Sealed up so crudely
You say it must be done

You pull down what once covered me
Take what once soothed me
Remove my last freedoms
And steal my innocence

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  • Camryn Jones

    The more I learn about kink, the more intricate it seems, with how one scence can include several different kinks. Age play, rope bondage, sensation play via knife play and needles; this was quite a scene!
    I’m happy you’ve found something new that excites you and it’s cool that it inspires you to write.

    • Deviant

      I’m sometimes amazed myself about how many different kinks I end up including in a single scene. It makes me really aware of how many new things I’ve grown to like. Communities for people with a certain type of kink (Fetlife groups, subreddits etc.) often seem limiting to me. I want to explore how combinations of kinks work together and relate to one another, not just one thing! :) Tagging posts like these is always difficult though, haha.

      Thank you! I’m glad that I’ve gotten over my anxieties relating to others having access to my creative outputs (especially ones as intimate and personal as this) enough to run this blog. I never thought I’d be writing poetry and posting it publicly. It’s scary but rewarding.

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