Deviant’s Favourite Sex Toys (2012-2014)

I’ve never done a post highlighting what I thought the best toys I reviewed in a given year were. Since I’m in my third year of reviewing, it seems difficult to start such a thing now when so many of my favourites wouldn’t get a mention as they were reviewed when my blog was only in it’s infancy. So, I give you my favourites across all the years I have reviewed (so far) with the aim of producing “Best of Year X” posts in the future!

It was rather difficult to narrow down some categories down to a one or two toys. Check my toy box for products with hearts next to them for a broader view of my favourites.
Tantus Anaconda Black Silicone Dildo

Best Dildo: Tantus Anaconda.

The ridged head, lack of flexibility, matte texture and large size can make this dildo feel brutal at times, but I’ll be damned if my vagina doesn’t feel amazing whenever I work up the courage to use it. The handled design is unique and good for thrusting/partner use (plus it allows you to spank people with it). Definitely my favourite.

Runner up: Jopen Key Comet Wand (not yet reviewed, but fantastic G-spot stimulation).

Fun Factory Big Boss BlackBest Internal Vibrator: Fun Factory Big Boss/Fun Factory Stronic Eins.Fun Factory Stronic Eins Purple

I told myself I’d only pick one toy per category (with the possibility of some runner ups), but I can’t choose between the Big Boss and the Stronic Eins. Arguably the Stronic Eins doesn’t belong in this category because it thrusts rather than vibrates, but where else would I put it?

The Big Boss is large, rumbly, strong deliciousness. I compare all other internal vibrators I try to the Big Boss now. Terrible…

The Stronic Eins is just freaking amazing. It’s the ultimate toy for lazy masturbators who love thrusting.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Navy/SlateBest Clitoral Vibrator: Jimmyjane Form 2.

A lot of people hate the Form 2, which is fair enough. It has a tendency to go haywire (see the review for the full details). But it also happens to be the shape I find most stimulating. The Form 2 is easily my most used vibrator.

Runners up: Vibratex Mystic Wand (great for broad stimulation, cheap yet strong), We-Vibe Salsa (compact and strong pinpoint stimulation) and the Wahl (it’s extremely cheap, crazy strong and makes me squirt).

Tantus Ryder Butt Plug BlackBest Anal Toy: Tantus Ryder.

The Tantus Ryder is cheap and a good intermediate size. There’s not much more to say. It’s simple and it works.

Runner up: Njoy Pure Plugs.

Best Lubricant: Sliquid.

No parabens or glycerin to worry about. I love their thicker formulas (Sassy, Organics Gel). I really don’t use much else.

Wartenberg Wheel PinwheelBest Sensation Play Toy: Wartenberg Pinwheel.

An essential sensation play toy. They’re usually pretty cheap too. They looks scary, but won’t draw blood unless you’re really rough with them.

Runners up: Violet wand and Japanese clover clamps (not reviewed as these are produced by a variety of manufacturers).


Other categories:

I haven’t tried enough of each of the categories below to call any of them “the best”, but I will tell you my favourites based on what I’ve tried so far.

Impact toys – I like material variety too much to be able to pick.

Cock rings – good experiences with Cock-a-hoops (not reviewed) and Spartacus Crave.

Masturbation sleeves – Bride likes the GTC Spider and doesn’t see the need for an additional masturbator.

Vaginal/kegel balls – I’ve only tried Luna Beads but they’re great.

Positioning – I’ve only tried the Wedge and don’t see the need for much else.

Gags – Nothing stands out to me (I like variety).

Books – Nothing stands out to me, too many different genres within the broad “sex” category to pick just one or two.

Lingerie – Nothing stands out to me, too subjective based on body type.

Massage – Meh, depends whether you prefer an oil, candle or solid bar.

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  • Camryn Jones

    I’ve never tried the Anaconda, so that’s interesting. It’s sort of intimidating, but I suppose that’s part of its charm *giggles* Yay Comet Wand!
    The Big Boss looks good for thrusting and the Eins thrusts itself; those choices aren’t surprising :)
    I’m amazed that the Jimmy Jane vibe beat out the Mystic Wand, Salsa, & the Wahl. (My loves!) I’ve read mixed reviews on it because of the glitch.
    I like my Luna Beads so far, the Ryder was my first butt plug, and I want a shiny Pinwheel because shiny :)
    Nifty post!

    • Deviant

      It can be a bit intimidating. I’ve been scared to use it of late due to the problems I’ve been having with penetration (it being so huge and rigid), but it’s definitely one of the toys I miss the most.

      Deciding on my favourite internal vibrators was probably the easiest choice out of all of these, haha. I should try more though (Mona 2!).

      I dislike that I like it because of that. I can’t really recommend it because it’s so volatile (“spend a lot of money on a sex toy that may or may not drive you nuts!”) but I can’t pretend I don’t like it either. If someone made a toy in the shape of the Form 2 that didn’t glitch and was as strong or stronger I would buy it in a second! One day, I hope.

      My Salsa doesn’t seem to be holding charge too well lately which is disappointing :(

      Shiny toys are always good!

      Glad you liked it! :)

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